Thursday, June 16, 2022

Dead Trees Felled

Although it was cloudy and uninspiring, Wednesday was a good day because I got lots of chores done indoors. I washed floors, took rugs outdoors and bashed the dirt out of them, mowed two sections of lawn and seeded some spots of naked soil in the front yard. The bummer of the day was to see how down in the dumps poor Sheba was due to her sore foot. I spoiled her all day. She’seating well and wagging her tail when I approach her, so we’re going to do okay while she heals.

Late in the morning, Rod, a mountain of a man and extremely handsome, arrived with his equally striking and handsome helper, Spencer. They came to assess the job of felling my two dead trees. Finally, on my third try, I realized I’d found a guy who seemed honest, who would actually come back to do the work. The others I called came, assessed the work, promised to come, and didn’t. 

And then came the big surprise, two hours later they were back and both trees were down and bucked in an hour. Not only are they both handsome as stink, they’re both very polite and friendly (and Quebecois). I was thoroughly impressed with how they felled the trees. There was no damage to my lawn or garden. It was expensive, $650, but worth it. Plus, I have lots of wood to split for burning this coming Winter. They also felled two trees for Merrill. Great guys doing work that was thrilling to watch. Now I have a lot of wood splitting to do.

Today, of course, is dull, cool and wet. Our bad Spring continues. This morning, I’m going to light a small fire to warm the house up a little and read. Her Highness is not yet ready for walks. Tomorrow is predicted to be a much better day, so I’ll get back to yard work then.

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