Friday, June 3, 2022

Fridge Woes

No sooner did I post yesterday, than the skies cleared, and I had my opportunity to mow some of the lawns. Doug, the generator guy, and Zach, the stove guy, came in the morning. Good news on the generator; it’s all set for next season. But the new switch in the stove did not activate the burner. Barron’s, the company Zach works for, will try to find a new old burner.

The new burner that Zach brought did not work, so he hopes Barron’s can find an unused replacement burner in the inventory of some other appliance repair stores. I need a burner that is no longer made. If they cannot find one, Zach said that I face getting a new stove if I feel I really need two large burners. I hate that. I hate the waste. Because all the other burners work, as does the oven.

Once Doug and Zach were gone, I went for a walk with Her Highness and as I walked, I contemplated what to do about the stove because it will be a bitch to remove and dispose of. Instead, I reckon that I’ll get myself a portable counter-top burner. They’re inexpensive and it would give me the second large burner that I need. Plus, I can put it away when it’s not needed. It’s a far simpler way to solve my problem.

By 1:30 it had clouded over, but I was still sweating like mad from all the mowing. And, of course, I was beat. But the yard looks much better, especially the front yard and the sidewalk to my front door. My clinic committee is meeting here on Monday morning, so I’m glad that the approach to my front door looks good.

At 3:00, I went for something in the freezer, and it was a disaster. The new seal is leaking and there was a huge build-up of frost on everything. Just fucking hell! I’m sick of things not going right. I wrote to Barron’s to complain, and then I scraped all the frost out and tried to jigger the seal so that it fit better. This morning, it seems slightly better. There’s less frost. I’ll scrape again and hope for the best.

It’s raining today—real rain—but I’m okay with that. I won’t have to water the garden and I can chill in the house and read. I’ve got a busy week coming up.

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