Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Surprise BBQ

I completely forgot to post yesterday because I was so busy in the garden and so, so tired afterwards. Gardening can be exhausting! Bending, pulling, toting and, worst of all, digging. Digging is a trial because there are so many rocks and large flat sheets of sandstone. I had to borrow Merrill’s and Leo’s pickaxe to create some of the holes I needed. When I was finished transplanting my largest potted plant, I felt done for the day. So, I went to Wheelbarrow nursery at the south end, with all the windows of the van open so that I’d cool down, to pick up a Laburnum tree and a couple of shade loving shrubs for either side of the friendship gate to Merrill’s and Leo’s yard.

I love Laburnums, but not the one they had for sale. It was spindly and sparce of active shoots, so I came home empty handed, and back to digging holes. I’m planting my perennial potted plants into the ground and using the planters for annuals. It’s just exhausting, but very hour of work makes Pinecone Park look a little better. Plants that had grown too big for their containers, now are free-range.

Late in the afternoon, I was sitting here at my desk when Merrill and Issa arrived at my door to invite me over for burgers in their backyard. They were christening their new grill attachment that goes over their fire pit. It was just the loveliest surprise to be invited over. The burgers were delicious—really delicious and we had a great visit.

Only five days after mowing all the lawns, they need mowing again. I was too tired to do it yesterday. I focused on the transplanting and tidying of the courtyard. I may get some done today, but it’s been showery all morning, and I don’t like cutting the grass when it’s wet. So instead, I’ll likely focus on getting the indoors all clean and tidy for Neil’s arrival tomorrow. Plus, I’ll do some tidying up in the yard, some shopping for supplies, and some reading.

Sheba’s paw is finally healed so life has returned to normal.

Isabelle Boyer was the model used by August Bartholdi 
for his design of the face of the Statue of Liberty.

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