Monday, June 13, 2022

The Tony's: YAY!

The morning dog walk was great. I really like a lot of the people, so it’s great to see them on a morning that was dry at least—not Summer, but decent. And then I came home to do some yard work before my evening with Jay and the Tony’s began. I’ve so much to do in the gardens!

Our recently arrived bear is gone. Yahoo! It was seen swimming to a neighbouring island, Mudge Island, yesterday morning. Now, if only our even more recently arrived cougar would depart as well!

The day was a decent one. There was no rain and many periods of warm sunshine, but I was cleaning the house, shopping and making dinner through the day. I wanted the place to look good for Jay. He arrived at 4:30 and the Tony’s started at 5:00—my favourite television show of the year.

Also yesterday, I did drafts two and three of the copy for the clinic’s spread in the local newspaper. It’s tough, writing for a committee instead of an individual, but we’re just about done on finalizing the copy for presentation, by Dyan, to the board. Likely then, there will be more changes. But I’ve established myself as a writer for the society; I got a lovely email of appreciation from Dyan. It means a lot to me.

The Tony’s were fabulous. Ariana DeBose was a glorious host and Broadway is doing a fine job of welcoming people of colour into their ranks. Gays and lesbians, of course, were everywhere. I hated little: I can’t stand Six, MJ and Girl From the North Country. They are not plays, they are spectacles, and no matter how well done, they are merely tourist traps, money machines.

Today is decent, tomorrow will be fine, so I may finally get to the end of my planting. It’s been very slow going for me this year.

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