Saturday, September 9, 2023

Dinner Was a Hit!

Friday was a gorgeous day, but no package arrived from CAYA. I’m sure I’ll get my new iPad before I go to Victoria, but it won’t give me much time for getting it up and running. But hey, I’ve a patient person.

Her Highness and I walked with our little group yesterday morning, and then I was watering and doing odd jobs around the yard and in the house. Bronwyn and her helper arrived just before 1:00 to work through the afternoon. And I did more prep work for the dinner. I make a bouquet of dried blossoms and leaves from the garden for a table centerpiece, and it looked lovely and Fall-like. 

Bronwyn is a treat to work with. She and her helpers have transformed my gardens. She is the best thing I could have done for my plant friends. I have high hopes for next season under her tutelage. Almost everything I wanted done, is done, and my watering systems arrived yesterday as well. 

It was another very busy day for me. I could hardly wait for Kris, Steve and Nancy to arrive so that I could open a bottle of Prosecco and get to my happy place after all the hours of work. I was looking forward to dinner, too. I was satisfied that my meal would pass muster with them all. 

It was a huge success, my dinner. Everyone was very impressed, and I was super happy that it all went so well. I had a great time with wonderful friends. But oh my goodness, the dishes! The kitchen was a disaster zone when I came back inside after seeing them all off at 9:30, but I went to bed happy that the evening was so successful.

I was up early this morning, and all the dishes are done. Order has been restored and all I plan to do today is chill. Pinecone Park is looking remarkably good after another visit from Bronwyn. It’s thrilling to see how great every garden looks. Next, I hope, is the application of manure on the fruit gardens.

All I will do today is read and relax. Thursday and Friday were both exhausting wonderful days, so today and tomorrow are for me. The coming week is going to start slow, but on Thursday I go to Victoria for the festival. Dwight is seriously considering coming to the Saturday matinee by bike and ferry, and then coming home with me for a dinner at The Surf before returning home on the Sunday.

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