Tuesday, September 5, 2023


I aced my monologue yesterday. Each day, as we move closer and closer to the festival, I am more confident, and my delivery is better.

The day was cloudy, but warm. I did little except errands, a little shopping and some reading. I basically wasted away the day awaiting going to Kris and Steve’s place for a cocktail party. Kris and Steve have become fast friends. I am one very lucky guy to have such a warm friendship with them.

The party was oodles of fun. Kris and Steve’s daughter, Carley, is a gorgeous and wonderful woman. She was a treat to meet and chat with. I have a wonderful memento of our visit; Carley’s voice is what you will here if you phone me. She recorded the speech alerts for my new device.

Monday began with another lovely late Summer morning, but it was only 11° when I woke up. Brrrr! Sheba was doing well enough for us to walk with Team Canine, and then I went into the village for some supplies before coming home for a nice slow day at Pinecone Park. I had watering to do before I got comfortable in the sunshine to read.

Finally. I finally did something to lessen the burden of watering. I bought some watering systems from Amazon, and I’ll ask Pete to help me set it up. It will make watering much, much easier. This action is long, long overdue.

In the evening, I went to The Surf for dinner with Jay, Eoin and Fran├žois. It was another lovely evening with good friends. Poor Jay’s been diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. It’s a very nasty diagnosis and I feel very badly for him. There’s no cure, but there are various treatment options that could serve him well. He won’t know about treatment until he sees a specialist.

The incredible highlight of the day happened as we ate dinner. One of the servers spotted Orcas in the ocean just off the coast where we were. And voila, there they were!!!  And not just Orcas, but Transient Orcas. They are the most fun to see because they are HUGE! There were 2 of them and their dorsal fins were way, way larger than the fins of the Orcas that were kept in captivity by the Vancouver Aquarium.

I’m almost 76 years old. All my life, during countless of ferry trips and flights across Georgia Strait, I have searched for them, but never once have I seen one. Last night was positively thrilling and the occasion reminded me of my first sighting of the Aurora Borealis. There events bring people together. Last night I was chatting and being very excited with total strangers. What a great, great night.

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