Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Introducing Sheba

Sheba is from a therapy puppy breeder.
She's been selected for temperment.

Leon meowed this morning. It’s the first vocalization in three days. He’s weak but he purred when we cuddled so I will have some more time with my beloved soul mate — perhaps not much, but some.

Tuesday morning was very teary but I did get him to eat and some signs of life returned. I carried him outside into the sunshine and he had a little walkabout. Then it was back to lie by the fire but the life signs stopped my endless tears.
I met my new doctor yesterday. He’s young and warm! And I got my discount travel forms and reserved my flights for my next two appointments with Dr. Shoja.
After my appointment, I went to the grocery store and found that it had fennel! I was thrilled so I’m making Chickpea, Tomato and Bread Soup from a recipe by Yotem Ottolenghi. I’ll get some bread from the Slow Rise Bakery and make a salad from another Ottolengi recipe and for dessert I’ll make something from Butter — my favourite dessert recipe book. It’s all for Caryn, Patsy and Bruce who come on Thursday.
I ordered a chaise longue online yeseterday, too. I want to have it by the fire for watching movies and television. It’ll be ideal for the long nights of winter.
And I called “Darrell.” He sounds nice on the phone. He’s coming this morning to talk to me about building a fence for my backyard. And if he works well and we get along, he may be the person to renovate my studio and build the planters I want.
It was a glorious sunny and warm day yesterday so I put together my new deck chairs and set them up under my patio heater in case my guests want to eat outside.
Late in the day Jay wrote to say that he and his sister are coming over on Sunday to dismantle the pool table. I’m thrilled because it means renovating my studio can get underway. Building the fence, renovating my studio and doing some planting (inside the fence) will make this place feel like mine.
I ended the afternoon in the hot tub. And now I have nice comfy chairs to sit in afterwards to cool down.
The last highlight of the day was hearing from Valhalla Kennels. They’ve got a puppy for me. I didn’t even think about it; it came in a heat beat. Her name will be Sheba.

Photographed near Roatan, an island off the coast of Honduras.
While bigots fight our planet dies of apathy.

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