Monday, October 2, 2017

New ID Day

Today, tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and all my furniture goes at 8:00 am and I spend the day and night in an empty condo. Saturday, it’s the 6:30 am ferry to my new life. That’s the week ahead.
I woke at 4:30 Sunday morning. I washed all my bedding and finished emptying my downstairs locker of all my art artifacts and carefully packaged them. I threw out stuff I’d been undecided about; as the deadline looms I’m getting better at culling.
I bundled and wrapped all my linear art supplies — lots of rolls of different papers and fabrics and I’m well into the kitchen packing — it’s an enormous task when you’ve been through a cooking mania and acquired a zillion machines and utensils. And I bound all my picture frames and mirrors together.
Than at 8:30 I had a bath and a rest. After that I went for supplies: Kitty litter, diet coke and bubble bath. Yes, I’m making porn.
The street is hard. I have several episodes every day when I’m outside. I assume the stress of moving and packing has me so sensitive to stimulants — especially noises. I do my shopping as early as I can. But I’m pretty much done now.
I’ve four more days to prep for the movers and I own this condo until October 31 so I can come back at my leisure for the few things I use to clean up and to transfer delicate things like my fine glassware.
The aquarium and my fish were huge issues but they’re all dealt with now — the tank and all my supplies donated and the livestock to a new (and excellent) home. The hard part was arranging for the fish to be fed here after I leave and until Costin takes the tank.
Not long ago I had to think up things to do every day! No more.
I lunched with Cathy who gifted me with a lovely looking book: Walking by Henry David Thoreau. I can hardly wait to read it in my cabin! It’s my second housewarming present!
I spent the afternoon doing more packing then relaxed with my second bath of the day at 5:30. I chilled proud of myself because I’d passed a highly productive Sabbath. Then it was drinks and dinner with Robin before going to bed early so I can be first in line at the Motor Vehicle Branch this morning.
And what a week ahead: Sunny skies and beautifully warm temperatures all week — and then the move. Only five more sleeps.

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