Saturday, March 17, 2018

Doug Will Never Hot Tub Here

I was in a really bad mood yesterday and I’ve no idea why. It could have been the work I had to do for the Arts Council. It was a lot of work and I may have not liked doing it. I really don’t know. I finished it this morning, so I’ll see how my mood is today.
I do feel “out from under a rock” as a result of having finished the work, but it also could have been due to Sheba’s surgery and the demands it puts on me to try to control a wonderful but undisciplined doggie.
1 = The new hot tub stile, visible through the porch.
2 = The new assembled and positioned cat litter box (outside!).
3 = The new kitty access door to the porch.

Friday I worked hard all day. I gardened for several hours, assembled my new outdoor kitty litter box and spent time ensuring Fred and Ethel learned where it was. And I did eight solid hours of data entry and editing for the Arts Council — solid like only someone with OCD can be. I’m 70% done.
Darrell and I walked through all the courtyard decisions and he got a nice deduction ($500) on the pavers. I’m getting 200 plus some edging with which to create a garden in front of the studio. He’s taking a week off, but the pavers are ordered and are being delivered so work should begin in a week or ten days.
He’s fine with the fountain and will properly wire it into the courtyard with an on/off switch. I’m thrilled.
Yes! I bought this Rhodo because of the back of its leaves.

I was thinking about how good I felt as I slipped into the hot tub: I’m thrilled I called about the cistern cleaning because my water has tanked. Thank God I got the extra filter and tap for drinking water, otherwise I’d have to be buying all my water. It smells like sewage. But all my troubles floated away in the tub.
Then the phone rang. It was Doug. I’d forgotten about the wood. He was on the 6:10 ferry. I had to get dressed quickly to be ready to help him unload the cord of wood. At least I didn’t have to cover it; the sunshine and warm weather is holding.
I came in to get my gloves and when I went back outside, there was Doug peeing into my garden and against the shed. It disgusted me. When he was finished, he turned (zipping up his fly) and said: “Super nice place you’ve got here.”
You should have seen me. I disgorged wood at twice his speed and twice got into his truck to advance it a little so we’d finish as quickly as possible. I really did not like his peeing on my place.
Finally, at after all the wood was off the truck: Pie. A big piece and I deserved it. I did a bit more work for the Arts Council at night, but casually and while I listened to the television.
Today I have to stack the wood and then put the last of the three yards of soil onto the front garden. Tonight I party: Pie a là mode. Tomorrow I chill; I’ve been working hard of late.


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