Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sign Progress

I awoke this morning charged by all I’d accomplished yesterday and keen to maintain the pace. Plus, it was sunny.
I began by taking Sheba for a walk in the dark. Then I collected all the fallen branch bits in the yard and burnt them in my garden incinerator.
Then I went through the loft and hall closet culling and sorting stuff into marked containers. My home is a tribute to channeled OCD and tireless energy. (I once read that people who feel out of control in life like to exercise total control over their home home environment; that could be me.)
Then I started work on my Pinecone Park & Spa sign. Darrell left me a professional ladder to use; it was a joy to work with such a feeling of safety this time. I did a second quadrant but it’s slow work. Plus, it’s down and up the ladder every time I drop something. But I persevered. It’s half done (see above).
Then the clouds rolled in so I got into the hot tub to chill before the Oscars broadcast.

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