Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Monday’s Oh My God moment: two enormous Pileated Woodpeckers here at the same time! They were ginormous; I really studied them and although it’s impossible to know, my guess is that from head to tail they were a meter long. Is that possible?
The clouds cleared around 11:00 am; yesterday was easily the nicest afternoon of the year so far.

I am in the hot tub at least once a day. Alone. I really enjoyed being in the tub with Lydia, Paula and other friends but when we’re together we talk and when you talk, you do not truly feel the water and the jets. I’m going to suggest to guests that they hot tub alone at least once when they are here.
Today Pam and Ross come for a short visit. They recently moved to Vancouver Island from the city so we’ll have lots to talk about.
And before they arrive, the Environmental Cistern Cleaning company crew is due to arrive to clean my cistern. I’m relieved that they’re finally coming. The smell of my water is off-putting.
The volunteering I’ve been doing is the development of the text for the “open studio” festival that happens in October. I’m not in it. I decided to wait until 2019; by then I will have, I hope, started making things that I can sell.
Instead, I’ve been working on a letter to the Arts Club. I’d rather my ladies debuted there if at all possible, so I’m trying to write the most convincing letter I’ve ever written to send to the new AD, Ashleigh Corcoran, pitching my play.
I took Sheba out for our first walk at six this morning, before it got light. It’s truly unnerving in the darkness here. I absolutely need a torch. The extraordinary thing this morning was the temperature. I wore my coat, duh — it was 6:00 am — but it was not even close to cold outside and that fills me with glee.
And today is the first day of Spring. What an accomplishment to have relocated here for the commencement of the season of hope.
Yesterday while I was working in the yard a car pulled up in front of my house. I kept working as I wasn’t expecting anyone but a tall, dark and very handsome man — all smiles — got out of the car and came towards me.
He didn’t introduce himself, he just said that he knew I was new to the island and he wanted to welcome me. I resisted saying: “But my bed isn’t made.”
“I brought you this invitation to a celebration of the rebirth of our Lord.” His wife didn’t even get out of the car.
I shoved the “invitation” into my pocket and told him I’d read it later.
When I came here to see this place for the first time, I met Amy and Todd. Amy, in particular, was very enthusiastic about us becoming friends. When I actually moved here, she spotted me in a parking lot and came over to arrange for a get-together.
We went for a walk and then one day she and Todd came over to meet Sheba and I’ve never heard from her again since in spite of two emails to her. It’s made me wonder what I said or did and I can’t think of anything but she mentioned how Christian she is and perhaps my lack of interest in that subject doomed me. I’ve no idea; I’m just glad I’m not involved in any religion.

The opposite of albinism is...

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