Saturday, March 31, 2018

Saturday with Beth

The sunshine and warm temperatures mean so much more to me now than ever before. Gardening is different; I feel personally rewarded by each bud and shoot I see on my plantings. There was nothing here when I moved in except less than a dozen Daffodils and one Rhodo; now there is a bit of colour everywhere and over time there will be lotsmore.
Beth has gone to Nanaimo with Patsy for part of the day today so I plan to go to the nursery to get more plants for the backyard. I’d like to plant scores of plants, to be honest. But I’m not in a hurry.
The glorious weather yesterday gave our day and our spirits a nice boost. Beth went for a walk in the morning and played in the sunshine with Sheba before all three of us embarked on a circle tour — with stops — of the island. 
I’ve seen little of my island. Amy took me to the caves and Patsy took me on an introductory tour but I’ve done nothing on my own. But now, thanks to the impetus of guests and good weather, I’m starting to see more of paradise.
When we got home Beth made us lunch and then I actually managed to light the propane deck heater and Beth sat out in the sunshine while I tidied up. Later in the afternoon it warmed up and the deck was comfortable without the heater.
Happy Hour was fabulous. I love the sun coming through my west-facing windows and the feeling I get as a good day winds down. Beth tried riding my new bike and discovered we need a longer stem for the seat. 
Beth made ratatouille for dinner and I made a chocolate cake. We ate just after sunset and then watched God’s Own Country. It was a great day and evening.

I’m terribly excited about developments with my speech. It’s really good. I barely stutter at all with Beth (as with all my trusted friends) and it is so nice to spend my day conversing like a normal person. I’ve had two extremely mild “episodes” that pass quickly and very discreetly.
As I live here longer, I know my speech is going to get better. I may stutter forever but not at home and not with friends and that’s all I need. 
Fred (left; eight months) & Ethel (one year old).

Today I put up my CollidEscapetape. It’s a tape I can put on my office windows that are close to where the birds feed so that birds will not see a reflection of the forest and fly into the glass. Sixty bucks, thank you very much!
While Beth’s in Nanaimo, I’ll practice some of the things Sheba and I have been learning at puppy training, do some gardening, make some rice for dinner and go to the bike store to try to get a seat that better serves the wide variety of sizes of my guests.
Patsy is coming over for supper tonight with Beth and I and then the women are going to a jazz concert so tonight I’ll be alone.

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