Sunday, September 30, 2018


Sunday morning and it’s pouring rain for the community dog walk. I’ll don gumboots and a raincoat and go anyway. As a way to cope with the weather, I lit the fire first thing this morning as much for the emotional comfort and atmosphere it adds to my place as for the heat. And I ordered a nice bright dog coat for Her Highness to wear this winter.
Truly rainy days keep us all inside. I suppose I could work on my ladies and perhaps one day soon I’ll get to that, but right now I am into reading with my one eye—slowly. TV and movies bore me except The Durrells on Corfu starts another season tonight and that thrills me. I have a massive crush on Josh O’Connor. 
Elaine and Darrrell are coming by today to advise me about my marijuana plants and to arrange for the delivery of the gravel for my driveway this coming week. I’m looking forward to spreading the gravel. I’ve ordered six cubic yards; it’s a lot. It’s going to dress up my place even more and I’ll enjoy doing the work.
I called Bruce yesterday—he’s a lot more technically savvy than I am. I called to decompress from the stress of yesterday morning. The Google glitch in my computer and the four-and-a-half hours of reparations totally stressed me out. I was so sure that upgrading my operating system would solve the problem. When it didn’t, I knew the problem had been inherited from by backup drive and imported with my past data. And that worried me: How were we to find it?
Cody had the answer, thank God, and I wrote down all we did so I can do it for myself next time. I learned a lot from Cody yesterday. I can do some “cleaning” myself next time. 
It’s all terribly impressive how things work now. Being of the introductory generation, upgrading my operating system now is truly easy and efficient. All my essential data has been imported perfectly as far as I can tell.
This morning, I spoke to my computer: “Siri,” I said.
And Siri responded in a nice male Australian accent, “What would you like me to do?”
“Email” I said.
“to whom?
“Which Bruce,” she said showing me the name of three Bruces in my contacts.
“Kellett,” I said.
Then Siri asked me for a title for the email and I spoke one. And then she asked me what I wanted to say and I dictated my message. Then she asked me if I wanted to send, change or delete the email and I said, “Send.” When I opened my email software to see if there was a record of the email in my Sent box, there was!
Personal Goal Progress Report: It’s been one week since I quit eating desserts. (Instead I have little pieces of chocolate after a meal now, instead of desserts) I had only one case of cravings during that time so I’m optimistic about my potential to achieve at least modest results—at least given enough time.

As a child growing up with Connie Tyrell, I thought
Sophia was the most beautiful woman in the world.
Connie died when I was 24; when I was 45 I found my 

birth mother. She was an actor and she gave me photos 
of herself with Sophia on the set of a movie they'd made 
together called A Special Day (in English).

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