Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife is one television program I really enjoy. I’ve stayed with it year after year, so this clip (above) was a delight to watch. I laughed out loud. I miss Miranda Hart’s character, Chummy.

I did it. I got lots of yard work done yesterday—I got all the lawns got mowed. I’m proud of finally getting this ass in gear. It helped that I have no Louise Penny books left to read, and that it was a gentle and bright day. I also did a lot of edging which is always a challenge because every time I do it, my arms ache. As usual, I took several breaks so as not to over tire myself. I felt entitled to every one.

By noon, it had clouded over, so I took a long break before getting back to work. I was determined to get lots done because I understood that today was likely to be very nasty. Sometimes I think of how easy life would be in a condo but, although it’s sometimes tough to get myself going, I think the work is good for my body. One day, a gardener may be someone I want to hire.

There’s a ton of stuff to do. There’s bucked wood to stack—wood that came from trees and large branches Jay helped me to cut into burnable pieces. And there’s still a lot of forest fall to remove from one far corner of the yard. I’ve still lots of plants to transfer from their pots to the gardens, the fountain needs a thorough cleaning, and the deck needs scraping; whoever painted didn’t realize that because it’s treated wood, the paint would not bond. Every Summer, I must scape off all the peeling paint. 

Mid-afternoon, I had a moment of joy. I saw movement in the edible garden and so I walked gently towards it. I sat myself down on the edge of one of my raised beds and watched a tiny Shrew go about his or her business. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen one, and I was thrilled. It was teeny weeny; its long snout told me what it was. I love living in nature.

By mid-afternoon, I was one sweaty mess of a human being. I was done and satisfied with all I’d done. I took Her Highness for our afternoon walk, and then I cleaned myself up to be ready for a video chat with Dr. Majic. It is the last time I’ll see him, as next month he moves to the big island, and I transfer into care by a locum for the coming year. I shall miss Dr. Majic. He’s a truly lovely man and a fabulous doctor. 

Last night, as I made dinner, I looked out into the backyard, and I was pretty pleased with what I saw. A mowed lawn/weed field looks good when it’s cut, especially from the courtyard and deck, and that’s where people are when they visit, on the deck. 

Every year, I plant more shrubs. I must choose varieties that grow well in shade. I’m dotting the yard with anything that will grow. I’ll probably add Ferns, as well. I find them beautiful. They have structure, their symmetry is stunning, they have incredible texture—dots of spores on one side, hairs on the other. And they’re evergreen, like shade and they have a broad spread. And they’re free. I can harvest little starters from the forest.

I’ve got one lawn to rake free of cones and twigs, but it’s mowed, and another to both rake and mow. Then the lawns will be done. Then it’s on to the plantings and the gardens. I’d go mad were it not for the garden work that pulls me outside to play. I can’t just read the rest of my life away. Yet. Besides, I think the clinic is going to lead to a lot of work.

Quelle surprise! Today is bright and sunny. It rained in the night and was dark and cloudy when I got up, but now there’s not a cloud in the sky.

I’m taking Her Highness in for a haircut and then I’ll do more work in the yard. I’ll get the lawns finished today and start planting all the potted plants I bought earlier in the year. And I may get some of the bucked wood stacked as well.

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