Friday, February 10, 2017


When you're running.
When your team is gone.
The "Future is female" day.

Either way, she looks good. In the lower one, she looks better to me. She looks real and more like someone I would've been proud to vote for. Image #1 is a pander to values I don't respect.

Did I want her to win? Yes, of course. Did I want her to be president? Not really. Not for any policy brilliance. I did want her to win for women. I really wanted her to win for that reason and to see how she could build on women's rights.

She recently gained headlines by saying, "The future is female." Really? I wish for a future that's balanced. But more than that, I wish Hillary would just go away and enjoy a nice proud private life. But no, she's still interested in a public life. Good for her. But couldn't she please choose a public life out of the limelight? Please? Let's move on. Let's find an ideal challenger to the orange menace.

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