Sunday, February 19, 2017

It’s worthy.

I’m pleased with my progress on my script — well, the first scene. It’s the hardest to write: I have to hook people — establish the tension, set the tone and cover all necessary exposition so the plot is clear to unroll. I work on it every day but far less each day than ever before when doing a long-form project. This is exactly as I like it: Without a deadline.
Dare I say this? It’s worthy. It’s, perhaps, good because there’s a valid theatrical structure in the tension between the artist and the director of the gallery, there’s humour, there are terrific properties and there’s a message about the scholarly language of art gallery exhibitions. I’m feeling a little pride in what I’m doing so it feels good to immerse myself in that world.
Saturday night, Dwight and Laura came over for drinks and then I took them to Ancora: Table 99, too! The dinner was my birthday present for Dwight. It was fabulous and I was so excited all day, I’ll spend most of today on the couch.
I bought my Fiat in April of 2016. It’s tiny so it doesn’t take a lot of gas to fill its tank. I’m about to fill the tank for only the third time since I bought the car — and one full tank was driving to Kamloops and back to visit with Dwight. My last time in a plane: 2013.

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