Friday, February 3, 2017

Residency Application

My living room, minus the dining room table, is spacious now.

Friday morning and what a shock: After four days of bright sunny cool days I’ve awakened to snow falling. The ground is white.
Thursday was a truly fabulous day because it felt so good to be free of anxiety about Parkinson’s disease and cardiac issues. Dr. Shoja says that physicians, so focused on the quantifiable, have trouble with psychogenetic disease. “I’m with her!” I’m no longer mystified by C-PTSD and its consequences.
I am thrilled to be back working on The Defiant Dress.
First of all, my dining room table and three chairs are gone from my condo now so I have much more room in which to work on the remaining dresses. And — and this is huge — I wrote to an actor I really respect to try to secure her interest in my project. She wrote back to say she was willing to meet with me.
I have written to her because I have drafted an application for a space residency with a theatre company I have long liked: Boca del Lupo. A space residency is basically a workshop opportunity mentored by Boca’s artistic director.
I think my concept is strong and my application is strengthened by the resolve that’s so evident in the seven dresses I have built and in the curatorial work I have done. Jillian, the actor coming to meet with me on Monday, has the option of going through the process as my employee or my partner. If she chooses to partner with me, the application will be even stronger.
Boca sometimes programs shows developed in their space residencies into their season. It would be thrilling if that happened with my script. Otherwise, Jillian and I might find the residency — if I/we can win it — gives us enough confidence to do it as a co-op production.
All this is highly motivational. I really hope Jillian becomes involved. I don’t know the artistic director of Boca, but I have a lot of respect for the company and so if my application is successful, I will have two talented professionals helping me get the script to a level worthy of production (and further development in rehearsal).

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