Friday, February 24, 2017

Loving Re-Writing

Thursday morning I was up and at my desk shortly after four am. I worked on my script without interruption until one thirty in the afternoon, at which point I took myself out for lunch to celebrate finishing draft 1-A. I partied down with some French fries. Wahoo! Then I wasted my afternoon and evening coasting on the energy of having done the draft.  
Thursday night I was watching TV and became disturbed by a sound so I muted the volume and realized that the sound was coming from my windows. When I looked outside I saw that hail was blizzarding against my wall of windows.
Now it’s Friday and it’s cold and dark but all the hail is gone. I’ve started on draft 1-B. It will be the last draft I do alone and the one I’ll send to Boca. I have very few plans in the days ahead so the re-writing should progress quickly. Then its back to making dresses while I wait to hear if I win the residency.
I love doing re-writesI love it because I know I am making it better. If I have time, I’ll go over it twice before Boca gets it. I love turning Charlotte, Hamish and Royce from functionaries and spokespersons into people. I need to add some warmth and humour. It’s too dry right now.

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