Sunday, May 7, 2017

Beth's Last Day

The sun is staying and by Monday it is predicted to be 18°! This spectacular day is Beth’s last here — nous en profiterons. We’ll mosey in the park, have lunch, have a rest and meet at Ancora for an early dinner. I’d delighted she’ll be experiencing my favourite restaurant on her last night here. It’s right on the water. I hope we can eat outside.
Thirteen months on Tuesday: When will I stop counting? It doesn’t surprise me any more that I can’t talk, but it still disappoints me that I can’t. Hope is not yet dead. At least today, when I am with Beth, I will speak well. It’s the saving grace of my affliction that I can talk well with friends.
I’m ecstatic with the defiant dress surface. I’ve finished applying the paper mulch onto half of the skirt armature. It’s got a nice thick rough and hard surface. I’m excited about getting the tissue paper layer on to see how it is going to look. That will give me, I hope, the look that I want. Then I start carving. So far, it’s turning out the way I wanted and that’s pretty exciting.

 I've been here. The heat was excruciating. 

Pigment cells on a moth's wing.

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