Thursday, May 18, 2017

Working Very Hard

I’ve got all day to myself to work on the defiant dress (#10) and the script.
I’m really pleased with the revisions I’ve done to the first scene. Dwight’s critiquing it nowI’ve been so energized by Rachel’s interest. Yes. I’ll definitely be disappointed if the Arts Club says No but I’ll still be ahead if they do —I know the concept has merit now and I can pitch to other theatres.
I have another two weeks to work on it and then, with luck, Colin will read it. He’s calling this week to tell me if he can fit me in. If he can, I’ll ask him for feedback by the 15th so I’ll have four days to do re-writes before the Arts Club deadline (June 19th).
Unfortunately I had a pretty bad episode waiting for Dwight before lunch yesterday. I oozed outside and held onto a tree; it was really hard to endure and then, just as Dwight arrived, a man came out of the restaurant with a chair for me. I’m constantly moved by the kindness of strangers since becoming sick.
I relaxed last night after writing all day by starting to carve another phrase into the defiant dress. This time: मैं औरत हूँ।. And no, I’m not telling you what it says — at least not yet. It’s in Hindi but I’m not explaining about that yet either. You’ll have to see the play.
I’m going to win this Arts Club opportunity. I feel it in my gut as vividly as I felt I wouldn’t with Boca. Of course I could be wrong, but I knew my project wasn’t earnest enough for Boca; the Arts Club likes light fare.
I wrote a big long email to ill buddy Bruce. His sister will read it to him; she invited friends to write. It felt so good; it felt like we were actually communicating.
I had a lung test today and Bruce, the physician who administers the tests was very clearly and movingly impressed with my results — given that I use a vaporizer and have asthma, the results were a wonderful welcome surprise.

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