Tuesday, January 4, 2022


It was lovely to awaken yesterday and see that most of the snow is now gone and that my plants had sprung back into their usual shape. And although it was clear, the temperature was above zero—just above, but above.

I had a ton of laundry to do, which I did early in the morning, and Merrill stopped in to say hi and to fill me in on where she and Leo’s house is at. Progress has slowed slightly as of late, so she’s hoping to light a fire under the construction crew. I was glad to see how keen she is to get moved in. They expect to move in mid-February.

I put four pounds back on over the holiday. Pooey! I’m glad the holidays are over now and that I can get back to controlled consumption and studying signing. 

Shocking news: Pinecone Park has been assessed at $780,000! I paid $475,000 four years ago. It’s great news as I have been pondering selling this place that I love so much. I don’t want to leave, but as I age, it will get harder and harder to maintain everything. And I have a hunch that if I get good at signing, I will want to live where I can meet up with other signers and there doesn’t appear to be a single signer on the island.

Sheba seems slightly better, but her paw still has healing to go. She is still unwilling to walk, but a couple more days of rest at home and she might be fine. She’s being good about not licking herself, but then I have her in socks.

I bought myself a new iPad so that I can log into my ASL courses by the fire and on the deck (in the Summer). I’m super keen to memorize every day. I’m quite chuffed by my learning to date. I find it easier to learn ASL than French; I’m thrilled at my capacity to remember signs. I’ve really taken to this language. 

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