Sunday, July 23, 2023

Better Today

Yesterday morning, after very little sleep the Friday night, I lay down on my outdoor lounge chair. With some adjustment, I can be quite comfortable. I was in the sunshine, loving its warmth on my body, and I fell asleep. Luckily, Sheba woke me with her whimper, wanting lunch. I was so tired all day, and in quite a bit of pain, so I went back to the lounge chair while Sheba munched on her bone.

Then I came in to read in the glorious coolness of my home, before returning to the outdoors and watering duties. Sigh. Doing anything hurts, but the work must be done. I my back/leg/nerve hurt all day yesterday. Ali, who came by with Pete in the afternoon, wondered if sitting all day in the car on Friday going to and from Cory, was the reason I developed so much pain Friday night that lasted all day yesterday—that, and little sleep on Friday night.

I gave into the pain at 3:00 pm. I’d had enough of pain, I thought chilling on the chaise was in order. I microwaved dinner, that’s what I do. Now because I can warm my meal in a minute. I let the dishes pile up and do them in bits one morning. I can tolerate it all, but not the sleepless horrid nights. Lying in pain, unable to find a comfortable position, and moving constantly in search of elusive relief.

I’m going to ask for an appointment with Jennifer, NP. I’m going to ask her for something to make me sleep. Until then, I plan to use marijuana. I can’t get better if I can’t sleep.

I’m losing function in my foot. I can’t move my big toe, and flexing my foot is increasingly challenging. My toes are moving with very mild range. I’m doing exercises to try to improve my ability to move my ankle and toes. There’s a condition called, Dropfoot, that I want to avoid. Dropfoot is when a foot hangs with toes down and has no function. People who have it have to walk consciously so as not to trip. 

I’ve all the pavers lined up beside where they go, thanks to Steve and Dan. And I bought the soil I need for the pathway before sciatica, so I’m all set to get the footpath finished. Jay said he’d do it, and I said I’d take him for lunch. afterwards. I’m having my fellow dog walkers here for Prosecco and cheese and crackers on Thursday, so I want to do a little gardening before they come if I can. 

The biggest drag after sleep loss is not being able to stand long enough to cook food or bake. And there’s no way I could entertain with a meal. Hence my Prosecco and cheese party for my fellow dog walkers. That’s a big deal. If I’m not recovered by September/October, I’m going to need a wood chopper (person) or to buy a splitter. A splitter will extend my life here.

Last night I watched all three episodes of Mapp and Lucia on Britbox. One of my top favourite actors is Miranda Richardson, another favourite is Anna Chancellor, and the two of them star in the series. Everyone is good in the cast, but I especially liked Mark Gatiss as Major Bentley. It’s frivolous fun, beautifully shot and excellently performed and directed.

I’ve awaked from a good sleep feeling much less pain. I used marijuana last night and I am relieved today. A good night’s sleep guarantees a good day the next day. I won’t do much today, except water the gardens and read. But I will take Sheba for short walks today as I’m feeling up to it.

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