Sunday, July 16, 2023


I went to the farmers’ market for dog treats and then to Nester’s for my food. When I got home, I felt exhausted from the effort of walking. Plus, it’s so stinking hot out I don’t want to do the simple chores I can do. But I did water the gardens. There’s no escaping that duty. Thank God for the chairs.

Once done, I could rest in my beautifully cool house. I’m so lucky to live in a log home. The logs keep me wonderfully warm in Winter and cool in Summer. I loved resting knowing that I was very slowly getting better.

I wish I had more interesting things to write about. However, I am compelled to remain at home and to take things very easy until the inflammation goes down.

Seeing this majestic little bird, a Western Tanager, was the highlight of my day. It spent quite a while in my edible garden eating raspberries. Because of the drought, lots of birds are gracing Pinecone Park because they hear the fountain. I’ve two birdbaths on either side of the fountain, but they mostly use the fountain for both washing and drinking.

I slept a lot yesterday, which was good for my back/leg/nerve and for me, given that I had only had a difficult sleep on Friday night. I got through the day without a pain pill, but I took one in the evening to help me be comfortable through the night.

At 4:00, perhaps thanks to the pain pill and naps, I felt energized. I tidied up the whole house and I took all the chair cushions inside in case we get the showers predicted for Monday. Neighbour Kevin took Sheba for two walks. I love the man. He and Shelly have done so much for me when I’ve been sick. Gotta love Gabriola!

I’ve awakened renewed. I feel far less pain this morning. I know that by supper time, I’ll be hurtin’ some, but my recovery progress is thrilling. This sciatica pain started six weeks ago. I had two rough weeks that I thought was a hip problem. That cleared up and I had three weeks of feeling great. Then, two weeks ago, a severe attack of sciatica pain began. Now that seems to be almost over, but for how long? When I go to see Cory on Friday, what I’ll want to focus on is how to prevent another attack.

I’ve a day of gentle tasks planned. Removing the beauty bark from my edible beds, screwing the anti-slip strips onto my front steps, picking up dog poop in the yard, and trimming some Ferns that need my attention. What a really want to do, is finish my footpath. I’m waiting to see a work wanted ad on our community Facebook page, or I may post something seeking help with finishing it. 

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