Friday, June 9, 2017

Chopstick Armature Begun

I re-read Colin’s notes and made my own notes from his — criticisms in one list, suggestions in another. I’m not re-writing; I’m starting over and adding two more characters (one more actor), telling the same story differently.
I write for an hour or so or to a natural place to break, and then I go and work a little on the armature for the chopstick/fortune cookie dress (above). I go back and forth.
I am one very happy dude right now. Between the fortune cookies and the chopstick sculpture and the writing, I’m in ecstasy. Over the next ten days I have no appointments except with Dr. Shoja and Bill, so I plan to finish a new and different draft in time for the Arts Club’s deadline.
It’s very convenient that I am trying to earn my way into a play development program to experience validation of a new career writing about a woman trying to earn a place in an exhibition program to experience validation of a new career.
I really love writing dialogue. I take lots of breaks but I just love writing and writing dialogue is the best.

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