Sunday, June 25, 2017

Decision Week

When I was four, my family moved to West Vancouver and into a house on a hill. Our driveway was steep; at the top it leveled off and at its end was a garage. Everyone of my generation remembers where we were when we heard Kennedy had been assassinated. Well in the same way, I remember the first time I saw that garage because the moment I saw it, I saw a theatre (with an odd wooden curtain that went up and down).
That’s how I know theatre is in my blood. I started putting on plays with neighbourhood pals right away.
All my life, the number one position on my bucket list was to see a play of mine professionally produced. When I was in my late twenties, I had an idea for a play and so I wrote out a scenario and conscripted two actor friends to develop it with me. It was a monster hit. It even got a rave review in Variety, but the actors claimed exclusive authorship and I had to go to court to win back my rights. It was truly sad, but I won in court.
I never followed up and late in life I abandoned my dream and, instead, I self-produced a play about my life. That went well too; I re-wrote it as a screenplay and sold it, but self-production is not satisfying.
So … tomorrow is the first day of the week in which a BIG step toward my life-long dream will come true or not.
It’s also the week Bruce will move to Holy Family Hospital to get earnestly into rehabilitation.
Today’s likely to be hot again. Yesterday was 25° and humid so it felt hotter. It’s ideal summer weather, exactly the kind of days you dream of all winter — the kind of days that once pulled me outdoors for a four-to-five hour walks. But today, as I did yesterday, I’ll stay home except to go the two blocks to visit Bruce in the morning and again in the afternoon.
Me: “An estimated 3% of the population has a gene that allows them to fully function on six or less hours of sleep a night, rather than the general recommendation of eight hours.”

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