Sunday, June 11, 2017


Last week was super busy; the coming week is empty except for my usual three things: Dr. Shoja, physiotherapy and lunch with Dwight. But — and this is a bit “but” — Bruce is due home on Wednesday. This is his second attempt to come home. Soon I will understand who he is; I’m excited and scared.
I have not asked for any medical information and none has come from Jane but in the last email, Jane, his sister, spoke of feeding Bruce so I am preparing for a bit of a shock.
Today has started very well. I sat down at my computer this morning at 5:30 and opened an empty MS Word page. I had no idea where to go with scene three and felt unsettled about everything because of that. I had to think it through in order to bring harmony back into my life.
But the page just sat there empty so I looked at some websites and posted on my blog. I also just sat for quite a while and pondered what it’ll be like reconnecting with my buddy, Bruce.
After an hour of doing that: Bang! I had it. It just rolled out of me and Royce was gone. I can’t believe it. There are now three female characters (done by two actors) and Hamish, the director. Just writing that sentence tells me it’s a better script. I will celebrate with toast; it’s 6:45 am.
I have my hope back — not confidence, hope. Hope is a good feeling. It lets me get back to work with enthusiasm. I have a mostly empty calendar ahead of me until the deadline a week tomorrow — a week tomorrow! And within ten days, an answer.
Like I say: Hope.

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