Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Recovery: Draft Three

It’s Bruce’s Homecoming day today! I’m so excited to think I will see him tomorrow. And … I have a brand spanking new version of A(r)mour: The Defiant Dress filling me with pride.
I got a critical evaluation of draft two of my script from Colin last Wednesday and promptly lost all confidence in it. But I’ve worked hard on it every day since (except one) and I’m thrilled with it again (draft three) — even more than before. I’ll continue to go over and over it until the deadline, but hope thrives.
On the downbeat… Dr. Shoja told me on Tuesday “to be prepared” to live with my condition for the rest of my life. She’s a very gentle informer; she eases you into her diagnoses and prognoses but her news sucked all the energy out of me.
What to do? How to feel better? Oh I know: Donut.
Perhaps today’s disappointment means the Arts Club decision will be a positive one to counterbalance today. I can dream can’t I?

When I lived in Nice, Mimosas were a favourite flower.

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