Sunday, June 4, 2017

Good Fortune

Saturday began with destruction. I broke apart the back plate of the defiant dress. Then I put it back together again, reassembling the pieces with glue and adding new mulch. I didn’t like the first shape; it was too tight so now it flares out at the bottom of each side. As a creator, I’ve become braver. I’ve developed confidence over the course of this project.
It’s always a bit sad when a dress is almost finished, like when a good novel concludes. I still haven’t gotten over the end of Angle of Repose years ago.
But I’ve already made a few fortunes and folded one paper fortune cookie for the next dress. I am making fortunes like the ones I remember from a restaurant I went to when I was a kid where there were very fancy fortunes in very exotic fortune cookies:
智能 Intelligence: Dig the well before you are thirsty.
I’m going to make about fifty different fortunes and repeat them; people will be able to pull them out of the cookies, read them and then put them into a basket beside the dress (#11) or take them home. I’m putting them on nice decorative paper.
The base will, of course, be papier maché; I’ve become the papier maché queen. But I love the paper I got with which to make this one. It is really pretty. I just hope it’s not sized like some paper I got. Sized (or resistant) paper is no good for papier maché because it doesn’t absorb the flour paste.
It’s June 2017 and if I’m successful with the Arts Club, the series I hope to be part of is in January 2018. And if that goes well and (against all odds) they choose to produce my script, it won’t be until the Fall of 2018 or in 2019. That’s a long time to keep my dresses in my dining room.
It’s the same if I self-produce. I have a storage problem. A good bed sofa is about five grand and I think I can rent a locker for as long as I need for less than that.

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