Thursday, August 31, 2017


Leon’s become fragile. He’s thin and today I saw a lump on his side. I’ve never known such a bond or such deep affection. He is truly my soul mate. He chose me. I thank God he did.
A son-of-a-bitch joke sent by a friend:
Mother: “Susie. Do you think mommy is a good mummy?”
Daughter: “My name is Amy.”
I disbanded the Wholesters today. When my signing courses start, I won’t have the time for our excursions… and then I’ll be moving.
I already established that my chocolate and fennel saucisson sec suppliers both ship to BC address but yesterday I discovered my marijuana supplier does as well. And I think Amazon and Skype will be my new best friends.
Yesterday I saw Robin and she said: “Dwight told me you’re serious about moving!” I liked hearing it. It’s slowly becoming a reality and so, by the time I actually move, it’ll feel very comfortable I think.


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