Thursday, August 3, 2017

The (Smoky) Day Before Pride

I live on the very edge of Vancouver’s gay village and because it’s Pride this weekend the high street is tarting itself up. The rainbow is everywhere and so is the smoke. It is so smoky from the forest fires in our province’s interior that I can only see a few blocks from my windows.
Steve and his partner, Tim, arrived last night. Steve’s my ex and like a brother to me: Beloved but very different. We had champagne at six and then went to my favourite bistro (where I got my shells) for dinner. Then they went to Bruce’s to watch the fireworks and I came home.
Bruce is being discharged from hospital on August 17th. His stroke was on May 9th and he’s been in hospital ever since; his recovery has been remarkable.
Today I will follow Steve’s agenda. At this point I know not what it will be except that it ends with a dinner party I’ll do my best to endure.

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