Saturday, March 18, 2017

All My Ladies

Left to right: Cardinal, wheat, cheerleader (way in the back) deco, apron,
pearl, doily and peacock dresses.

The photo above is of my former dining room. Now it’s home for “my ladies.” They are kept in the dark to keep their colour.
Friday was an epic workday. I put in a twelve-hour day on the doily dress; I finished, totally exhausted, at seven pm. I’ve still lots more to do on it but I’m done now until the fancy doilies arrive.
Meanwhile, while I was making dress number eight, Boca del Lupo was reading my script. I’m sure at least one person there has read it by now.  Working on dress number eight in hopes of positively affecting their decision is better than wishing.
I have the mannequin for dress number nine. Dress nine cannot have a large footprint. There’s hardly any room left in my condo except for two tight-fitting dresses. I can put one in my office and one in my bedroom and still get around. That would give me ten of the twelve dresses I need.
I’m probably going to get a locker for my ladies. This is one expensive hobby.
I see blue sky. It’s been a long time without it. There isn’t much but I am hoping to go for a wander today to get out — after the essential clean up. After making every dress I enjoy restoring order to my place. Using spray glue, cutting up paper and doing papier mâché are messy activities and there’s cat puke and a full litter box to deal with.
Ah life. Even in a tiny condo there’s lots to do. And yum — I’ll buy some chocolate today.

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