Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Doily Dress

Dianne and I have started inviting people to join us on the first Wednesday of each month for an adventure. We’re starting on April 5th with a visit to the Museum of Anthropology and tea afterwards. And at the tea, we’ll decide where to go in May.
Wednesday morning I made the final folds in the doily dress. (See above.) It’s made in sections of watercolour paper that I’ll fuse before applying black tissue paper. Then I’ll build the bodice. It’s flat; it has no folds, only pleats. Over that goes the “lace” detail that I’m doing with doilies. I’ll trim the skirt and then do the decorative lace work on the bodice and over the shoulders.
To all that, I will add an apron as this is a dress-to-impress waitress uniform.
Before My visit with Ivan and Peter
I was very nervous that two strangers were coming to see my dresses today — at least I have met Peter before. This whole thing was Peter’s idea. I got canapés from Meinhardt’s and cakes. I had potato chips that I love to have with champagne and I had real champagne. All the accouterments were to “compensate” for any disappointment in my dresses.
No. I am not a confident person. However, I know people are polite and I will get through this.
After My visit with Ivan and Peter
I celebrated with a huge piece of chocolate cake.
They were here for an hour. By chance, they arrived together and I liked that. Ivan, the guest expert, put me at ease right away. He is very sweet and exactly my age. They were not interested in the food at all, or the wine. They were both very taken with my dresses and very complimentary. I was quite astonished; Ivan wants to produce my play and host an exhibition of my dresses at Hycroft (the University Women’s Club).
So I put my feet up and had the cake and an extra glass of champagne. Then I had a migraine and felt very fragile for the rest of the night — so overcome, I went to bed at eight PM.

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