Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bleak House

Yesterday (Tuesday) broke a record for rain; also, this is the wettest March in ten years. Two summers ago we had four months without rain and trees were dying everywhere. God I hope we get a decently balanced summer after this winter of endless rain and snow.
It’s bleak waking up each day to darkness and dampness; to a world that says Stay home! It’s bleak because of this infuriating PTSD. For the first eight or nine months of having it, all I thought about was stuttering but now I am used to my speech problem and now that I am habituated to it I am more aware of my spastic arms and ADHD-like inability to be still.
The problem with the ADHD-like aspect of PTSD for me is that reading and watching TV are not effective options as a way to pass time and that complicates house arrest. After six months of rain and snow I feel ready to explode.
At least tomorrow a break in the rain is forecast.
The Boca deadline was one month ago today. I am really hoping I hear this week; there’s only two days left. If not this week, surely it’ll be next week. Geez.
I would absolutely love the experience of being responsive to leadership from Boca in the development of my script. I’d love it even more if that work led to them leading a production of it. But if they say No, there’s plans B, C, and D.
Besides the Boca decision, I’m waiting on purple flocking, fancy doilies and a sample and source for Ethafoam. Oh the excitement!
People I didn’t know got me all excited about speaking at the local Vancouver version of ted Talks. It may have been the most deluded thing I have ever done.
ted announced their lineup for the April conference and it is all megastars — global megastars too, not Canadian or local. People like Shah Rukh Khan, Elton Musk, OK Go, Garry Kasparov, Serena Williams and the surprise guest, a global world star. Tickets are $8,500 a piece. Deluded: End of story. Boca is, at least, a more realistic hope.
Oh my God: To Walk Invisible, a BBC drama about the Bronte sisters broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre on PBS was as delicious as television gets. The screenwriting, the acting and the locations honoured both the women and their story. And Jonathan Price is such a great actor! (Thank God for the PVR that lets me stop and have a break!)

I played the trumpet as a boy!

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