Sunday, March 12, 2017

Weekend and Rest

Nothing beats time alone at home and that was how I spent my weekend. I love my friends; I love them deeply but I can’t comfortably handle too much socializing. Last week’s lesson learned.
She’s warned me: This week she’s going to be pushing me with questions about my past. In response to her questions last week, we discovered together that I feel absolutely nothing about the incidents of my past. It’s clear to me that she thinks I should — hence her plans for this coming week.
I have always been in the driver’s seat in our sessions, but I think Dr. Shoja’s taking that position this week so I’m a little nervous.
This winter’s been one of biblical precipitation. It’s conducive to dress work. I’m not superstitious. I’m not and never have been. I am touching wood as I write this and wondering if working on the doily dress will ensure that Boca chooses my script for development.
Sunday morning, J&B came by to include me in their morning jaunt to coffee and shopping on Granville Island. In the evening, I had dinner with theatre friends and thus ends another week.

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