Friday, March 24, 2017

Weeks Pass Like Days

Thursday began with me being stood up by Wendy. She never turned up for our morning get-together so I went to Oyama and got some saucisson sec (another addiction). Then I came back home to work on the marble dress.
Thursday ended on a very nice note: Rob called. He’s an impossibly handsome odd duck whom I adore. We’re two guys with clinical mental health issues who nourish each other.
The forecast for the entire next week is ficking RAIN like every week since the beginning of time. It falls like sins on us; it’s climatic depression.
Today requires commencement with a trip to the toy store to buy out their entire stock of marbles. Then I will continue to work on the bodice of the marble dress. It’s the kind of work I love.
Next week’s anticipations are the Boca decision, my doilies arriving and my flocking arriving. Does that not take your breath away? All excitement in my life seems to involve my project.
I’ve decided that if Boca says No that I will endeavor to politely pursue their assistance in finding another theatre company to whom I might propose my script. Alternatively, there’s also having a show of my dresses and dropping the script idea altogether. Were I to do that, it would be next Fall or Spring. By then I could have up to fifteen dresses.
I’m inspired by two ideas for dresses that can be built without a mannequin. And one dress would be Charlotte’s dress. I would still like to present the show as Charlotte’s somehow, and not as mine — for artistic reasons, not out of fear.

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