Monday, May 30, 2016

A Walk in the Park.

Sunday, I walked the seawall. It is something I used to do three times a week and it would routinely take me two-and-a-half hours, door to door. Yesterday took me five-and-three-quarter hours; I had to stop and rest often. I have neither endurance nor strength and I have no idea how I lost it so suddenly and dramatically. But I did it.

These are pistils off a citrus magnolia in a magnolia petal.
Look at the symmetry in the centre of this fragrant rose.
I met "Charlie," a visitor from San Francisco outside this
B&B and we had one of those lovely conversations with
a stranger that can be so rewarding and I never once had
a stutter — not on a single word!
Look at those little green balls in the centres.  Green and
purple were my favourite colour combination as a child. 
A close up of the hand-woven placemat I got one year at
the Circle Craft fair. I must get more. I love them. They
are made to a classic Quebecois design.
A better cross-section of my ice cream cake.

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