Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Progress Confirmed

All I did today was see Dr. Shoja.  It was a stimulating session. She has this magic program on her iPad that shows the brain in many different ways including animations that show what is going on under certain conditions such as having a seizure.

I saw where my seizures originate and in the context of brain anatomy and function. And it was so easy to understand why my limbs jerk and why I continue to have physical issues with my limbs. Like I said to Dr. Shoja: "This is all terribly interesting to my head. I just wish I were learning from seeing the symptoms in someone else instead of me."

The big shift with both Dr. Shoja and Christopher, my physiotherapist, is that both of them invited me to direct our sessions. They both invited me to take the "drivers seat" in my sessions — both of them, separately and independently. And I have taken the lead with my partners.

I asked her: "Having gone for four days without a seizure and without medications, I assume that the potential is there to have them again but can I assume that having seizures is behind me now?" And she said, "Yes." I was elated.

I learned so much today. Plus, Dr. Shoja's acknowledgement and encouragement of my progress is hugely therapeutic and fulfilling.

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