Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Progress Continues

"He was never the same after ... (fill in the blank with the crisis of your choice)."

I am shocked by my new deficiencies. Whereas walking was so easy for me prior to my crash in April, it is something that I have to do with caution now. I suspect I will eventually recover my capacity to wander endlessly, but for now it involved lots of rests and days off.

And my left arm is really spooky; it has a mind of its own. When I have seizures it goes crazy and it is dangerous for me and anyone around me. Now, it sometimes doesn't work and it certainly is weak.

Regardless, I get out now. My days of anxiety attacks are done. So on Monday, I went to Ming Wo to get a frying pan I need for crepes and a sauté pan to replace the one that got burnt during a seizure.

The density of the hybrid Dogwoods (official tree of BC)
is amazing. Dogwoods gleaming white everywhere.
The deep red dots slay me. This flower would likely appear
blue to insects. The shadows on the leaves and the dots help
insects zero in on the pollen. What brilliant design.
This is some kind of purple grass. It makes a beautiful
sound when you whoosh it together and it is stunning
how it moves in the wind. Its glossy skin shines in the sun. 
Another Dogwood.
Gunner and Paulownia leaves are huge and veiny. They
fascinate tourists and children and I love their texture. 

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