Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Are They Seizures?

Well, I am about to go to bed. It is 10:30 and I've had fourteen episodes today. My friend, Frani, is an emergency nurse. She was here tonight and saw a lot of my episodes. She thinks they are more seizure-like than anxiety based.

They have made me see the risks. They wanted to take me to the hospital tonight but we talked and here I am staying home. But no more baths, no more candle lighting and no going out alone. They have made me see that I cannot go ahead with the dinner for my friends this weekend.

They have also talked to Bruce. They have asked him to escort me to Dr. Shoja and he is going to relate their anxiety about my safety. Everyone is worried about my hiring myself here alone. I flail during the episodes and I often collapse. They are worried I am going to hurt my head.

Here I am writing about my health, just like I didn't want to do. But it lets friends who life afar know what is happening because I cannot answer the phone to talk to them.

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