Saturday, May 28, 2016

Barnaby J. Dixon

Meet Barnaby J. Dixon. I'd empty my soul and my pockets for this young man. I love his passion for puppetry, his unpretentious genius, his wit ("I'd give you a thumbs up but mine's up the puppet's bottom.") and his charming accent.

If he were my son, I'd be as proud of him as if I were Einstein's parent. Barnaby (what a great name!) is so, so charming. This is genius at work; his puppet is absolutely brilliant. I am going to learn how to follow him on the social networking site he mentions.

I get the sense of his having had great, encouraging parents when I listen to this young man and watch him. He seems so healthy as well as a rightfully proud of accomplishment.

At the end of the clip, you can see a wee bit of the engineering that makes the movements and therein lies this man's brilliance. I feel, in seeing this film, we are watching a young Jim Henson at work who will be, one day, as huge. Bless you, young Mr. Dixon, for making my day, and hats off to the people who grew you. They, and you, have done an inspiring job.

Barnaby's Twitter feed.

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