Tuesday, June 18, 2024

My Dear David

 Monday was a decent day. Bright and sunny in the morning, cloudy through mid-day, and then sunny again from 2:00 onward. After our walk in the morning with our friends, I got busy raking the yard. We’ve had a lot of wind lately, and so there was a ton of forest fall scattered through the yard, and there was a lot of dog poop to pick up ahead of today’s little tea with Kris and Nancy.

I should have been baking, but one can’t do everything one would like to do, so I chose to see what I could purchase at Nester’s to serve instead. While Ron walked Sheba, I went into the village and got some cookies and some small mousse desserts. Once she was back, we spent the remainder of the day in the gardens. I pulled, cut and tidied while Her Highness played with Sosa from next door.

The evening was short because I was beat. I went to bed at 9:00!

When I awoke this morning, it was spitting rain and it had clearly been raining in the night. I was disappointed that Kris and Nancy, when they come for tea this afternoon, might be visiting with me indoors. I’d planned on being in the garden in full sunshine. The weather report says it may become sunny later in the day. My fingers are crossed.

Above: David, my surrogate nephew, first came to Vancouver when he was 19. This photo was taken then. He was thrilled, he later told me, to meet Steve and I and to see two men living their lives together. We became roll models for him for a while, and I was the first person to whom he came out I am very proud of that, and I’m also proud of how close we have remained. He’s now in his mid 50s.

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