Monday, September 30, 2019

Harvest Day

Mark Zuckerberg
Donald Trump
Megan and Harry
Pooty Putin

You may remember the wonderfully disturbing puppets from satirical BBC puppet show Spitting Image.  Co-creator Roger Law has confirmed that a pilot has been filmed, with hopes of a new series focusing on major celebrities like Donald Trump and Mark Zuckerberg (above).
Jeff Westbrook, a writer on The Simpsons  and Futurama,  is serving as show-runner, and caricaturist Adrian Teal is working on the puppets.  You can get a glimpse of the Trump puppet in action here.
The dog walk yesterday was lovely. It was cloudy but it was bright and warm. The clouds created a lovely soft disbursed light that, with the smell of wood smoke in the air, flooded my mind with lovey memories of Autumns past. I took my coat off and wore it around my waist.  And I took notice of the Mushrooms sprouting up everywhere.
I walked with Adrienne for a while and gave her my address. I asked her to send me an email so that I can invite her and her husband, Christian, for dinner. She is keen, and I am happy.
And I walked with my neighbour Keith. He’s coming over tonight with his Marijuana plants and we’re harvesting mine so that we can hang them all up to dry in my studio. We have modest colas on our plants, but they look and smell fine. The trick now, is to dry them without getting an infestation of mold.
And I started sorting my dried leaves. Although they have lost their luster, they remain very pleasing to my eye. Next, I’ve to try various ways of trying to bring back some luster and to give them some stability. I’ll try Varathane and Shellac, spraying and dipping. 
Today is bright and sunny. I’ve to do some transplanting today and I’ll mow the front lawn. That’ll end my yard work for the year except for putting the fountain “to bed” for the winter. 

Sunday, September 29, 2019

That's Mr. Idleasshöl

My fellow dog walkers and I start our walks briskly in the mornings now because we want to get warm. But the sun continues to shine all day again. 
I came home yesterday and found myself challenged to muster the energy it took to get out in the garden. But the Croci called and I got all one hundred of them planted.
Once I got started working outside, it felt good to be back in the garden. The perennials are looking beautiful right now, but the annuals are dying back. The veggie garden is looking very sad, but the Marijuana plants are lush and green after so much rain.
I went to the farmers’ market yesterday morning and in the afternoon I did little but I savored one long session in the spa. I love getting in during cool weather. It’s only around 8° in the mornings when it’s clear, but it’s been lovely. By mid-afternoon it’s usually around 18°. 
Today is the big community dog walk and after that … who knows! I hope I do some transplanting I’ve left to do. It’s either that, or starting work on my leaves.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Climate Day; Our Leader Paddles

Click on the image to enlarge it. I love graphics.

Thursday morning we had a biblical storm of needles. The wind was blowing hard and it long; out every window all I could see was a blizzard of brown Fir needles falling and covering everything. But it was a lovely, lovely day and it’s likely to stay this way until the middle of next week.  
I met Patsy for lunch, which was really nice—especially after going to dinner with Tim the previous evening to the Surf. For me, this is almost a cosmopolitan existence. 
As usual, after saying goodbye to a guest (Tim), I wanted to do as little as possible. So, after my lovely lunch, I chilled the afternoon away. The blizzard of needles became showers throughout the day. I baked cookies.
In the evening, I watched Unforgotten  on Netfix until late and went to bed.
Today is another beauty, but it’s really chilly. It’s 8°, but it’s going to be sunny until Wednesday and in the afternoons it’s still lovely and warm. I’m going on a dog walk with my group and then I hope to get the Croci into the ground today (that I didn’t do yesterday). I’ll definitely finish watching Unforgotten.
Trudeau arriving to a press conference in a canoe; what a pandering jerk he is. Yes, I am far too cynical and bitter. You’re damn right I am. I don’t like it and I blame the deterioration of the quality of political leadership and the role of capitalism in the game. And Sheer, for me, is far, far worse. We’ve a choice of bad or worse. At least we don’t have a ditsy blonde at the helm, as do some ally nations.
I’m so happy, relieved and impressed about today’s climate action. I’m feeling this way because stores and schools are closing to allow their staff/students to attend the demonstration. 
I feel like a tidal change is happening right now in public concern for action on the climate and our environment. I hope so.