Sunday, September 22, 2019


My trip to Victoria was beyond-my-dreams successful.
The weather was ideal: it was nice and bright and sunny most of the day. And I had not a moment of bad mental health. I breezed through the day.
I could not speak often, but that’s okay and will likely never change. I could care less now about having bad speech. I could speak well with Todd and Jess once we’d been together for a while. It took about 15-20 minutes and then I was fine all day. And they ordered my food for me from the server.
But the dreadful thoughts in my head that have happened on every other trip never materialized once yesterday. That is so, so wonderful for me. But … I got a speeding ticket and, of course, I could not speak to the cop. 
Todd took us for a lovely long meandering drive through the rural area of the Saanich peninsula that was overwhelmingly beautiful. I was constantly expressing superlatives. And then we went for a walk along the sea to eat in a restaurant on a dock. It was just fabulous. 
I left them around 3:30 and headed to the ferry. I never looked at the schedule; I just drove, relaxed, at the speed limit without a care about waiting. When I arrived at the terminal there was not a single car in the lot so I said to the attendant: “I guess I just missed the ferry eh.” 
“No. It’s waiting for you,” she said. “Hurry on down the ramp. We’re running a bit late.”
 I was the last car onto the ferry and as soon as I was on, we took off. I was home at 5:45 and reunited with the best pets in the world. They heard my car; they were all waiting at the door. I love my animal family.
Today, it’s back to rain. Apparently it’ll clear later; it often does, but it’s sure been a wet, wet end to summer. However, I have not had to water my enormous new lawns once and they all have grown in beautifully. 
I lit the fire and after a wet dog walk, I’ll come home to a lovely lazy warm day by the fire. I’ll watch some TV and do more reading. Plus, I have yesterday’s wonderful day to reflect on in the company of my fabulous pets.

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