Wednesday, September 11, 2019

More Palettes; This Job Never Ends

It was rather gloomy outside, but I mustered my mojo and started work on Section One yesterday. This section covers about 31% of the yard I’m landscaping and I hope to finish it today. I had mild enthusiasm as I started back to work after a day off.
It was hard getting started and it wasn’t easy work. I could only do four-to-five wheelbarrow loads before wanting to rest. I’m using my inhalers a lot!
“Take it easy,” I say to myself. “There’s no rush to be finished.” But in a way, there is. We often get a lovely “Indian Summer” late in this month or early in October and I would like the seed to be germinated before then. 
By noon, I was pooped, so I had a shower and changed my clothes; it made me feel much better. And then I sat in front of the fan for ten minutes to cool down. Lucky for me, the sun came out and it energized me. I quit at 3:00; I was done! I’m very pleased with how much I was able to do, though; I did three-quarters of the section
Even unfinished, it looks absolutely fantastic. It looks clean and healthy and I love it. And thank God that I do after so much effort and cash.  I’ve spent over $940 on seed! I didn’t think seed would be nearly so expensive.  
I’ll go on the small dog walk this morning and then finish and seed Section One. This afternoon I’ll go shopping for supplies for a dinner I’m making for Regina, Matthew and Judith, a few of my dog-walking chums. It’s on Friday night (the 13th).
At 4:30, the phone rang. It was Jay, telling me he was delivering me more palettes and the tools with which to deconstruct them. Will the project ever end? Is there no resting at Pinecone Park?
The sunshine was divine in the late afternoon when Jay arrived. I won’t work on the new palettes until the sun returns next week. All the rest of this week and the weekend is supposed to be wet.
I’m very relieved to discover that the change the public wants in our time zone, is to stay permanently on Daylight Savings Time. I’m all for that.

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