Monday, September 2, 2019

Dianne's Fabulous Party

I took this Apple tart (above) to Dianne’s for the anniversary celebration she and Rod hosted last night at their waterfront home beside Drumbeg Park 
Late Saturday, my friend Connie dropped by with her Mom. They were visiting the island and when I was showing them the vegetable garden, Connie noticed that the Marijuana plants that Keith gave me and that I thought were useless, were forming buds. All four of them! 
What a treat. The challenge will be drying them without getting mold on them. So I talked to Keith and we are going to harvest our crops at the same time and dry them all in my studio where there’s heat and fans. We want to avoid they’re getting mold.
Baking the tart was how my Sunday began. Then came the dog walk and after I came home I did some shopping and played with Sheba. The only ‘work’ I did was tidying up before the billets arrived. They arrived, I oriented them and then I left to go to Dianne’s party.
I had a total blast. It was a fabulous, wonderful party. There was incredible food (including a pea puree with parmesan, garlic, oil and mint that was one of the finest hors d’oeuvre I’ve had) and great people including two lovely people who went to the same high school as me—one of them in my year. I had a truly wonderful time!
And I can proudly add that when they laid out the many desserts, mine was the first one to go.
Today will start with a small community dog walk and then I’ll fill the remaining gaps in the pathway and stain the remaining lumber. It’s going to be a hot sunny week, so no seeding of lawn.

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