Wednesday, September 4, 2019

I Finish the Garden Wharf Today

Look at that pathway! I’ve used all the wood I have and it’s almost to the gate, the pathway’s end. I only need to dismantle three more palettes to finish the job. I’m really pleased with it, and soon the root mass of the grass will further stabilize the lumber. The entire project cost less than $150; the wood preservative, a brush and the ferry fare were my only expenses.
The video that inspired this pathway made no mention of painting the wood with preservative. That initiative was mine; it seemed logical. And when I went to buy it, I had to choose between preservative with brown or green pigment in it. I chose brown, but it had not been my intention to stain the lumber. However, I’m positively thrilled that I the wood was stained and that I chose brown. The staining of the wood of different colours and textures provides continuity; I’m really happy about that. 
I went for my blood test first thing Tuesday morning, but couldn’t get them because my doc had not yet filed my test requisition. Then I went to the pharmacy to refill a prescription but left without it after waiting half-an-hour. Then it was off to the hardware store for more wood preservative. Nope! There was none in yet. The week was not starting off well. 
The most exciting part of my day yesterday was ordering a truckload of soil—six cubic yards; $507 with delivery. I began my massive landscaping project on May 30thand spent the entire summer on it. Now, finally, the final and most beautiful part is underway—laying the soil and seeding it. The dirt comes tomorrow and the landscaping pins to finish the pathway are due today.
I’ve started on a piece of technical writing. It’s the kind of writing I did when I was self-employed, but then my subjects always came from my client or employer. I don’t think I’ve ever done technical writing on a subject of my own choosing; I never did any writing my whole life that couldn’t earn me money.
And when I retired I got hooked on writing dialogue and ‘performing’ at public speaking nights in Vancouver on in my self-authored play. Dialogue is my favourite form of writing and the only form of creative writing that I can do. 
Formy whole life I’ve carried pain and anger over my adoption. It was the subject of my first (of two) plays and the screenplay I sold—both dialogue. So now I want to try a piece of persuasive technical writing on the subject.  
I’ve decided to talk to my dentist about fluoride or fluorine or whatever…. I just realized that as someone living on well water, I am not getting any in my drinking water and so I wonder what kind of compensatory practices I should follow.
Just as Amazon said they would, they got my landscape pins here on Wednesday. I found them in my post box this morning on the way to the dog walk. 
In the photo above, the last eight meters or so, of lumber, are not fastened into the ground with pins and then the gaps between the lumber is devoid of soil, so finishing that work will be the focus of my day today. 
And tomorrow the soil arrives!

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