Friday, September 27, 2019

Climate Day; Our Leader Paddles

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Thursday morning we had a biblical storm of needles. The wind was blowing hard and it long; out every window all I could see was a blizzard of brown Fir needles falling and covering everything. But it was a lovely, lovely day and it’s likely to stay this way until the middle of next week.  
I met Patsy for lunch, which was really nice—especially after going to dinner with Tim the previous evening to the Surf. For me, this is almost a cosmopolitan existence. 
As usual, after saying goodbye to a guest (Tim), I wanted to do as little as possible. So, after my lovely lunch, I chilled the afternoon away. The blizzard of needles became showers throughout the day. I baked cookies.
In the evening, I watched Unforgotten  on Netfix until late and went to bed.
Today is another beauty, but it’s really chilly. It’s 8°, but it’s going to be sunny until Wednesday and in the afternoons it’s still lovely and warm. I’m going on a dog walk with my group and then I hope to get the Croci into the ground today (that I didn’t do yesterday). I’ll definitely finish watching Unforgotten.
Trudeau arriving to a press conference in a canoe; what a pandering jerk he is. Yes, I am far too cynical and bitter. You’re damn right I am. I don’t like it and I blame the deterioration of the quality of political leadership and the role of capitalism in the game. And Sheer, for me, is far, far worse. We’ve a choice of bad or worse. At least we don’t have a ditsy blonde at the helm, as do some ally nations.
I’m so happy, relieved and impressed about today’s climate action. I’m feeling this way because stores and schools are closing to allow their staff/students to attend the demonstration. 
I feel like a tidal change is happening right now in public concern for action on the climate and our environment. I hope so. 

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