Thursday, September 19, 2019


I could not muster work speed yesterday. The morning was uninviting but when the sun came out so gloriously in the afternoon, I filled my knapsack with essentials and went for a sojourn with Her Highness. In summer, perfect days are expected. On a day like yesterday, when sunshine and lovely warmth was a surprise, it felt twice as good.
And today has dawned gloriously. Today, however, I’ll actually do things, but I’m not ordering more soil and attending to the last section of the yard. It’s pretty clear to me now that I’ll be leaving that to Spring to complete.
Today’s project is to bring some order to the shed and to start taking apart the three palettes Jay gave me with which I can complete the wooden boardwalk that has worked so well in the garden. Tomorrow is predicted to be lovely, too, so I can continue then as well.
I can’t believe how much pleasure I take in seeing my backyard. It’s truly pretty now, whereas before the view was almost painful to my eye. It looks exactly as I wanted it to. And what I love is how it gives my residence an added sense of hominess. It looks like someone lives here now; before it looked like what it was: A vacation home; a temporary home.
My front lawn that gave me the same delight last year, looks pretty bad right now. It looked as lovely then as the backyard looks now, but I let it die in the summer and it has grown back coarse and spotty. But I can fix that. Henceforth, my work here will be on maintenance not redevelopment. I’ll be feeding the lawn and taking much better care of the gardens henceforth. And what a pleasure that will be.
The political election strategy of both our major parties seems to favour digging up dirt from the past of candidates or the party leader over actual policies. It’s dirty politics and it’s sad and embarrassing for our country. Trudeau’s Liberals started the PR was with a flurry of Conservative exposures; the Trudeau brown face photo was awesomely retaliatory. He is exposed as a hypocrite.
But as I say: How impossibly sad for our country. And the campaign promises so far seem like nothing more than financial pandering. I suppose there’s nothing new there. So far I’ve heard little about climate change or environmental protection, yet they are the concerns of the people around me. (I live in one of two federal Green ridings.)

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