Thursday, September 26, 2019

Tim Here

Tim came along on Wednesday morning’s dog walk. It was cool but sunny and bright. When we got back to our cars, we had a tailgate party with Champagne and cream puffs and cupcakes. I told Tim it was what we did every dog walk, but the truth was it was the birthday of two walkers.
In the afternoon, we went to Drumbeg for a lovely walk. The park is empty now that summer tourist season is over and it was beautiful. Then we came home to pay Cribbage for a while before going to the Surf for dinner. It was really nice to go out to eat.
Late in the day I had the first of two migraine headaches. It seems that now, instead of having seizures, I have migraines when guests visit. They’re very mild and pass quickly but I still hate them. I’m angry about this inability to sustain the company of friends; I hate my symptoms. But … one day! One day I believe they’ll stop.
Tim’s decided to take the 9:00 am ferry home this morning and I’m meeting Patsy for lunch at 12:30. It’s an unexpectedly lovely day; we’re not having the rain that was predicted. My plan for the day is to plant the 100 Crocus bulbs I bought.
My backyard is looking stunning in the blazing sunshine. The sun is lower in the sky and it illuminates more of my yard than is revealed in its glorious light in summertime. I look at it and love it knowing it will last one year. Next Fall, when it comes back from the summer drought, it will be as gnarly as my front yard is after only one year of life.

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