Tuesday, September 10, 2019

A Day of Rest

Monday was gloomy, 14° and (barely) raining when I went for the dog walk.
When I visited François and Eoin and their beautiful home, I could not believe what they were doing. But there are two of them and they are much younger than me. When they finish their home, though, they have their entire yard to do. I shudder at the thought. Plus, they will operate a small and diverse farm.
I did not want to work in the yard when I got home yesterday. It rained all morning. I napped and diddled away the day easily and enjoyably. I had a couple of spas, too. I hadn’t had an entire day off for ages so it was a sweet day for me.
I’m heartbroken. B.C. appears about to abandon Daylight Savings Time. A public poll indicated some ninety-pus percent of the population want to lose it. Sadly, I’m a fan of the sudden expansion of evening daylight hours and sunset at 9:30. So it’s bad news for me. It’s onset was one of my favourite days of the year—much more exciting than my own birthday. What a drag.
Francois and Eoin showed me their Marijuana plants. These boys are good at everything they do; their plants are show plants. They are covered in richly dense blooms the size of long cucumbers. Mine were the size of peas the last time I’d looked before seeing theirs, so I was disappointed.
But that changed when I got home. I looked at mine again and there had been a significant change: They were much bigger. They’re nothing like F&E’s but they will be fine by the time I harvest them I reckon.
Today’s sky has me believing that I can get some landscaping work done on the next section of the yard. It’s cool but it’s brighter and doesn’t look at all like rain. I’d love to get a head start on section one today because tomorrow may be decent as well and I could finish it.
Plus, my pathway needs work. I thought it would after the first rain. I’ve got to re-set a couple of planks and put more soil between them.

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